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How does the process work?


Free Trial of Multisensory Math

We want to make sure this is a good fit for all involved!  Schedule a free trial and we’ll discuss your child’s needs, show you how it works, and then leave it up to you to move onto the next step.



All of our students go through an in-depth assessment revealing your child’s strengths.  Then your tutor is selected and times are selected.  Learn more about the assessment here.


Multisensory Math Starts

Tutoring begins and all materials are mailed.  All of us strive to be one of your child’s biggest advocates and help them achieve the results they are seeking.

Samples from Actual Multisensory Math Tutor Sessions

Middle School – Fractions

High School – Slope Intercept

MFM Multisensory Math Pricing

Enrollment Schedule at Math for Middles

We only enroll students twice during a school year.

August/September    OR    January/February

If you’d like to work with us, fill out the contact form but be aware that you’ll be placed on a wait list for those two enrollment periods.  Summer enrollment starts in May/June.

Will multisensory math work for your child?

Run through this visual checklist.  If your child struggles with any of these, then multisensory math is a good fit!


Math Resistant Child

If math has become a battle or homework is taking longer than 30 minutes, it's time to bring in one of our coaches to teach your child how they best learn.  Many of our students report feeling tremendous relief in the first 10 minutes!


Middle & High Schoolers

These years are the best to tackle math deficits.  Waiting only deepens the problem and slows down progress.  Our students experience rapid results and increased confidence!  Multisensory math works even at the algebra level.


"Lazy" or "Unmotivated"

Are you hearing from the school your child is bright and smart, but lazy and unmotivated?  We know that's just NOT true!  They haven't been exposed to how their brain learns best which is through multisensory math.


Out of the Box Thinker!

Does your child have a knack for seeing the big picture?  Do they seem to problem solve best when they are doing something?  Are they excellent at building with their hands?  Multisensory math is a great fit.


IEP, 504s, RTIs

Does your child have a current intervention plan at the school to help with various learning needs?  Multisensory Math can be the anchor to all learning at school as they continue up each grade.


Neurodiverse Thinkers!

We help student's with differently wired braines!  Such as 2E (twice exceptional), ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, processing disorders, sensory issues, and autism spectrum disorder.

Meet Our Multisensory Math Coaches


ADRIANNE is the owner of MFM and a certified teacher with over a decade of experience tutoring middle and high school students in math.  She received training from ASDEC.org in Multisensory Math 1 & 2.

She has seen up close how using multisensory math techniques with her students leads to more confidence, higher grades, but also a rooted understanding of how math works.

Adrianne’s goal is to bring multisensory math to as many  students as possible.

Kara Scanlon Mutlisensory Math

KARA is a professional level Educational Therapist with a Masters in Education and a Credential in Educational Therapy from Holy Names University after graduating from the University of San Francisco with a BS in physics and math.

She also has worked in three different scientific labs in the areas of cancer research, proteomics, and biophysics.

She started tutoring in 2007 to empower high school girls to love math. Kara’s goal is to teach all learners math using Making Math Real methods.



RUTH has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and extensive experience as an autism specialist working with students ages 2 – 6.  During this time, she worked tirelessly on developing treatment plans and IEP’s for her students.  Currently, she assists families in learning how to develop applied behavioral analysis plans to meet their child’s needs in the home.

She’s a mother to 5 children, 2 of which have dyslexia and ADHD.  Ruth brings a unique knowledge, perspective, and experience in the IEP/504 process as both a parent and educator.  Ruth’s goal is to empower parents in their role as the advocate for their children and help those children gain confidence and knowledge in math.


HEATHER is a licensed educator with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She first trained as a reading interventionist to better reach students with dyslexia. Heather then went looking for training on multi-sensory techniques for math and found Math for Middles and fell in love.

Heather has worked in a variety of educational settings with students from K – 12. She has a passion for teaching students who learn differently , especially for twice exceptional students. Their giftedness and areas of disability make for very unique learning needs.

Heather’s goal is to teach students foundational skills that allow them to understand math processes and become more efficient mathematicians. Heather’s students learn that mistakes are part of the learning process. But most of all, she wants her students to love and appreciate math.



BRITTANY  is a certified educator with over 12 years of experience in teaching mathematics.  She has a bachelors degree in education from the University of Texas, and she is GT and ELL certified.  She has spent her career working in Title 1 schools where students often were multiple grade levels behind, and she prides herself in her ability to boost her students’ confidence and ability through hands-on and engaging learning techniques.  

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two young daughters.  She is an avid sports fan and enjoys attending sporting events at her alamater, the University of Texas at Austin.  Hook ‘em Horns!  

Her goal is to make math meaningful, challenging, accessible, and most of all FUN for all of her students.  She believes all students are capable of learning mathematics and it is her mission to use multisensory math to help all students succeed. 


RAJ has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Construction Engineering and Management from Purdue University. He has been working in the construction industry, specializing in the Pharmaceutical/Chemical industry, for the past 6 years.

Raj has been tutoring for over 5 years covering a range of students from Middle School to college students (upto and including Calculus II) both in Math & Physics. His specialty lies in Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and higher Calculus courses. 

In his spare time, he enjoys reading books, playing games on Xbox and recording cooking videos with his wife for their blog.

His goal with students is simple: to make math more approachable and simpler for students. He takes special pride in teaching tricks and tips to students not only be adept in math but also become more speedy and effective.



ANGIE is a certified teacher, and has a Bachelor’s degree which includes Special Education certification. She has worked several years with kids with different types of disabilities,helping them learn functional and educational skills. She is currently working part time as an ERI teacher, instructing students in small groups in math and reading. In her spare time she loves to read, cook, hike and enjoys spending time with her 4 kids, husband and their golden-doodle, Leo.

Angie loves to work with kids and her goal is to empower kids with an “I can” attitude. She wants to show them the real world applications and help them understand that it’s OK to struggle, it’s part of the learning process, but that with perseverance and the right attitude even math can be fun.


ALYCIA has 12 years of teaching experience in the public school setting as a general education classroom teacher in grades 1-3. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary education with a Reading Endorsement from Boise State University. She’s “Mom” to five girls and has had the privilege of staying home for the past five years following the birth of her twin girls. Being an at home mom has given Alycia a new appreciation and understanding for families and parents. 

In her spare time, She enjoys running, reading, cooking, gardening, and being outside with her family.

Her goals with Math for Middles are to build math connections and overall confidence in students and parents who may feel discouraged. Alycia finds it exciting to learn strategies that are beneficial to all of us. She is learning right along with you!


PIPER is an Engineer in Training with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Boise State University. She tutored her way through college, and has ample experience in a wide range of math levels. Her favorite is Pre-Calculus!

In her spare time, she enjoys painting, playing games, and is learning to speak Romanian.

Her goal is to help students see some of the practical applications of their math course work and to help students be as excited about math and science as she is!


MCKENNA is currently a student at Utah State University going into Speech Pathology. This past spring she graduated from Dixie State University with an Associates of Science Degree. Mckenna has grown up surrounded by teachers, and has found a love for helping students meet their goals. Mckenna has been trained in Multisensory Math 1 and found a passion for tutoring dyslexic students in math. She wants to help her students build a foundation for math, so that they can build to the higher levels of math.

McKenna plans to get a Master’s Degree in Speech and Language from Utah State University.

Her goal is to fill her tutoring sessions with fun, laughter, and a whole bunch of math. .

Kara Scanlon Mutlisensory Math

CYNTHIA is a certified teacher with many degrees from Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Assessment to a Master’s in Math and Science.  Currently, she is working towards her Ph.D.!  

She’s taught elementary level in the U.S. and primary through GCSE in the U.K. for 10 years.  She started tutoring math, reading, and science in 2013 and is sharing her wealth of knowledge here at MFM.

Cynthia’s goal is to reach children that are often left behind due to their academic struggles through parent education, child development, and confidence from the foundations of learning.



How long will it take for my student to get to grade level?

Great question.  Many parents are worried about the length of committment and how quickly they can see results.  As with all things that require sweeping changes, there is no magic bullet.

It can take years before they reach grade level but usually parents start to see results immediately.

Anxiety goes down.

Confidence increases.

Self-advocating begins to happen.

To give you a picture of what this looks like, a student typically works with us for several years before they start phasing out of our help.  Students start earning the grades they’re looking for, speaking up for themselves, and even challenging a teacher’s thinking in class when they discover a different way of solving.

When a student starts coming to tutoring with very little questions and feels confident they understand, we begin moving students into an “as-needed” basis.

My child has a lot of test anxiety. What is the assessment like?

We totally get that testing can make for a miserable experience.  We can break the assessment up into different lengths to accomodate for the stress, but you should also know that your child will be working with a real human.

You can learn more about the assessment here.

Can we stop tutoring once we start?

Absolutely.  If your child is not “feeling it”, just let us know.  We’ll walk you through how to stop.

Whoa! That costs a lot. Why?

We are not your typical tutoring experience.  Our tutors are highly educated!  Many of them with masters degrees and PhDs.

Our tutors receive continual training and have been trained in multisensory math techniques.  This costs us a signifigant amount of money to continually invest in their knowledge.

Our sessions are different.  There is no set protocol.  Our tutors plan for your child.  They understand how your child’s brain works!

In total transparency as well, it takes more money to run a business the right way.  Other tutor companies choose to pay their tutors as contractors.  We choose to hire them as employees which costs us more.

Our goal is to be around for the long haul.  We control our future, not the government.  We follow the law.

See how your money is spent:

Taxes: 15%

Fees: 10%

Expenses:  20%

Tutor:  30%

Owner: 25%

Taxes: we pay money to the government to do business and pay employer taxes.

Fees:  we pay fees to handle money coming in/out of the business.

Expenses:  this covers materials and software to serve your child plus training for our staff.

Tutor:  we pay our tutors a fair rate

Owner:  we make sure the owner is compensated for tasks that are not billable such as free trials, email communication with families, training staff, and ensuring the quality of tutoring remains high.

About Math for Middles

MFM is a great choice for families fed up with traditional tutoring not meeting their child's needs.

It's time for a different approach.

Our coaches have training in multisensory math techniques and special training that allows us to work confidently with middle school math student's that have diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences.

We have worked with students that struggle with executive functioning, ADD, dyslexia, poor working memory problems, and autism.

Contact us to see if this is a good fit for your child.

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