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What iTunes Reviewers are Saying about On Middle Ground Podcast

Great Podcast!

Great podcast!  Helpful for my family.  I’m a 2E parent, pareting 2 – 2E kids!  I struggled in school, with little to no support.  Almost didn’t graduate.  With the support my kids are thriving, I’m excited for tools like this to help me parent and learn what I was never taught.

If you have a teen at home you need to listen to this!

Adrianne is one of the smartest parents I know. The way she parents is the way I believe we should all parent our children. Reaching and empowering teens is one of her passions and that shows through on each of these podcasts. She, along with guest experts, shares strategies for parenting tweens and teens. If you have a tween or teen at home, make this podcast a MUST LISTEN! You’ll be happy you did!

Great New Podcast!

I love this podast!  It’s full of practical tips and encouragement to help parents support their teens and tweens during the tricky middle school years.  Very helpful.

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5 Overlooked Organizing Strategies for Teens [010]

One of my favorite shows is The Middle on ABC as they seem to have the pulse on what it's like to live in most American homes these days.  A good friend of mine once told me, "Sometimes it hits too close to home.  It reminds me that I really am this ridiculous."...

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Conquer Disorganization and Homework Angst This Year [009]

| This post contains affiliate links | UPDATE 8/8/18:  We are getting ready for back to school and I chatted with each of my boys about their system they used.  Both boys said they want to keep using the folder system.  We also discovered how the planner was used this...

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