Math Won’t Keep this Actress Down!

[Case Study]

by Adrianne Meldrum

Math Won't Keep this Actress Down!

Adrianne, Math Tutor

Adrianne worked with Kaiya twice a week online for 30-60 minutes.  She used multisensory math techniques to engage Kaiya.

Math Won't Keep this Actress Down!

Kaiya, 5th Grader

Kaiya loves theater, is friendly and kind.  She’s discovered that she can do hard things. She can even breeze through her math homework now!

About this Student:

  • Name:  Kaiya
  • Grade:  5th
  • School:  Public
  • Struggles:  Lacked focus, anxiety
  • Strengths:  Acting and a great singing voice!
  • Actress 100% 100%
  • Dancer 90% 90%
  • Sweetheart 100% 100%

*Shared with permission from Kaiya’s parents.

What problems was Kaiya experiencing before you decided to try MFM?

She was having quite a bit of anxiety and a very difficult time focusing on her work in and out of school. Homework would take up to 3 hours every single night… just to do a worksheet. It made her agitated and frustrated and in turn, we as parents were highly frustrated.

It was fine that she needed help and guidance, but the time that it would take, plus all the frustration each night was cutting into our quality family time together. It was a constant battle! Tears, lots of tears!

Why did you select MFM over regular tutoring available near you?

We already knew our daughter had anxiety and focus issues. We wanted someone who really understands kids like her and have the love and patience to give her the tools she needs to succeed. Lucky for us, we already knew Adrianne and what she does. We felt super comfortable that Kaiya would be in the perfect hands.

We didn’t trust that a “regular” tutor would give her what she really needed. The last thing we wanted was for her to get more frustrated with math!

How did Adrianne help Kaiya to experience more success in math?

Kaiya had the awesome opportunity to work with Adrianne and Ruth on different occasions. We were happy and grateful for how they both interacted with her. Kaiya quickly became more comfortable and calmer with math. She learned tools that helped her have the confidence she needed to complete her homework faster.

Adrianne became her main tutor. She really enjoyed working with Adrianne and she made Kaiya feel important and at ease. It really was neat to see the change in such a short amount of time.
Now she is much more confident in math. Her homework, when she has it, takes her less than 20 minutes to complete and she does it all on her own. WOOHOO!!!  Adrianne is now referred to as the Tween Whisperer around our house!

We aren’t exactly sure what the magic tool was that flipped the productive switch, but we will forever be grateful that we have happy evenings as a family again! 



What are your goals for Kaiya as she continues in her math studies?

Our goal is to have her continue to understand and succeed in math. To feel confident and be able to finish her math work on her own if possible and in a timely manner.  And hey, more time…more acting!

 Math Won't Keep this Actress Down!   Math Won't Keep this Actress Down!


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Math Won't Keep this Actress Down!

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