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Have you felt like you’re spending more

time doing math homework than your child has this year?

The pattern feels all too familiar.  Each night your hand cramps after hours of scrolling through YouTube videos trying to find something that resembles the math problems your child is doing.

While you’re scratching your head to figure out how the math you know relates to your child’s homework, you struggle to keep your child sitting next to you without tapping pencils and moans of, “Can I be done yet?”

It’s not your fault that homework has gotten so tricky!  With the Common Core way of doing fraction problems, parents everywhere are wondering why it seems to be making it so much harder!


Back when Common Core Math was new, I realized that the way I had learned fractions growing up wasn’t serving my students.  I decided to tackle the way math was being taught in the modern classroom.

I created mnemonics to help my students remember the fraction rules but students still struggled to understand fractions. At first, I couldn’t understand why… This drove me to take a closer look at the fraction rules and find a way to make it stick for all kinds of learners.

After several years of tweaking this approach, I finally figured out the missing piece as to why so many kids struggle with grasping fractions…


This necessary technique was the missing key! Here’s why… Students work with their senses to help them build concrete examples in their mind of how fractions work. 

This helps them to remember the 3 fraction rules all math students must master. It works so well, that many of my middle school students don’t need me for tutoring in high school because they have a solid foundation by working with multisensory techniques.

This math feels hassle-free and more approachable. Many of my students also experience unexpected perks like:

  • Greater confidence
  • Less resistance to math in general
  • Growth mindset (doing hard things)

And that’s why I’m bringing my class Stress-Free Fractions to more families by working online in groups with 4 – 5 students.


How Stress-Free Fractions Makes Math Fun…even for YOU!

This class is designed so that your student will be working in a blended learning environment. This hybrid approach promotes independence.

Here’s How it Works:

1 – Every week your child will dive into the materials by watching my interactive videos. They will learn those 3-rules for fractions and how to apply them to various problems.

2 – Once they are exposed to the materials, we meet online. This gives the student a chance to work with math materials in their hands and interact with other students.  

Freedom from helping my middle schooler with homework! mathformiddles.comNot only do students love working with others online, but parents adore online tutoring because it makes learning fractions hassle-free.

We promise you’ll have cramp free hands from all that scrolling on YouTube.

Wondering if this class is a good fit for your child?

While this technique is appropriate for all learners, it’s essential for students who:


  • Feel resistant to doing math work in general
  • Struggle to remember the steps to solve fractions
  • Fail to complete homework in a reasonable amount of time
  • Label themselves as “math stupid
  • Thrive when presented with opportunities to learn by doing

Will online class really work for your child?

Over the years we’ve found that working in a group setting is one of the most effective tutoring methods.

It helps your child to:

  • Find a safe place to make mistakes
  • See that they are not alone, others struggle too
  • Uncover answers to questions they haven’t thought to ask
  • Maybe even make a new friend!  Spoiler Alert: This HAS happened!

While we know that children thrive in group settings, we provide additional help through our Homework Hotline! 

You have one month’s free access when you buy Stress-Free Fractions.

The Homework Hotline is perfect for those pesky math problems that you can’t seem to Google your way out of. 

Send the question to us and we’ll respond with a personalized video for your child.  Plus you’ll also have access to our growing library of math problems that have already been solved!

Why would you join a class like this when there are thousands of free math videos on the internet?

Quite simple, this works! We provide:

  • Shorter videos
  • Precision in language
  • Visuals that make sense
  • Get right to the content
  • Personalized support (YouTube videos don’t provide support)

Will these methods work if my child’s school is using a different curriculum?

Absolutely!  Math is a universal language. 

I’ve taught students from coast to coast and inside several different curriculums.

It has worked for every student!


How do I get my child to happily join?

We recognize that parents can lovingly lead their child to a solution only to have your child declare, “Chill mom, I’ve got this.”

When clearly they don’t. 

We’re here to help!

Show your child the video using this button below to help your child decide if this is the right fit for them.

VIDEO: Students, is this class for you?
And just in case your child resists the structure of this math class and struggles to follow through, we offer...

The "Kids-Not-Feeling-It" 10-Day Guarantee.

You can lead your child to the solution, but getting them to follow through can be a challenge. That’s why I am offering this generous money-back guarantee.

Within just 10 days, your child will know for sure if we are a good match.  

If not, that’s ok! Just shoot me an email before 10 days and I’ll refund the money.


A Closer Look at Stress-Free Fractions

Multisensory Learning

We use highly visual videos, mnemonics, the study of math language, and touching math objects so that the student can build a reliable way to remember HOW to work with fractions now and into high school.

Groups of 5

Allowing your child to see that they are not the only one that struggles can be powerful.  There is little risk of running into a peer in their community.  Many of our students become friends after the class ends.


Our workbook with plenty of space to write also prevents error in writing problems and makes it easy to get to work so that students are not left to gathering scrap paper for their work.  The workbook allows your child to create their own fraction reference guide!

Increased Confidence

Students love the interaction with me as they gain real feedback from a human and not just software. Attitudes toward math and school change because students believe they are smarter in Math.

Time Mindful

Video Time:  Shorter videos to give your child quick wins.

Processing Time:  We use slower speech which allows your child to process what is being said.

Course Time:  This 4-Week course gives you the gift of more time to be together and not committed to long contracts of tutoring.

Class Curriculum:

At every level of this fractions class, we work in the following flow:

Visuals -> Numbers -> Word Problems

Introduction to Fractions

  • What are fractions really all about?

Fraction Rule #1

  • Copycat One
  • What are equivalent fractions?
  • How to make equivalent fractions
  • How to Simplify Fractions
  • Why do we need GCF and LCM (and how to use them)


Converting Decimals

  • How does converting fractions to decimals work?
  • How to convert fractions into decimals using copycat one or long division
  • Converting fractions to decimals

Fraction Rule #2

  • Phat Cat and Improper Fractions
  • How to work with improper fractions
  • Mixed Numbers


  • Addition/Subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers

Multiplying Fractions

  • How to multiply fractions and whole numbers
  • How to multiply a fraction by a fraction

Fraction Rule #3

  • Cool Cat Fractions
  • Division of fractions

Altogether Now!

  • How to "Undo" Fractions and Why Does it Work?


Sample Videos from Class

Testimonials from Parents and Students

About Your Math Coaches


Adrianne Meldrum

ADRIANNE is the owner of MFM and a certified teacher with over a decade of experience tutoring middle and high school students in math. She has seen up close how using multisensory math techniques with her students leads to more confidence, higher grades, but also a rooted understanding of how math works. Her mission is to find the perfect math coach for your child to ensure the student can reach their highest potential.

Kara Scanlon

KARA is a certified educational therapist and works with students using multisensory math approaches.  She specializes in helping students with special needs such as dyslexia, autism, ADD, and poor working memory. You'll be placed with either of our coaches depending on which class time you select.


The Time is Now for Fractions

Now you could continue just using free videos on the internet, but ultimately you’ll end up spending more time searching than learning. In our class, we help students get right to work on learning fractions on the most basic level and then we build from there.

You may be tempted to just hire a college student to sit with your child and give individualized attention, but again you’ll spend more money for hand-holding than actual learning.

Inexperienced math tutors sometimes teach shortcuts that don’t help students really understand and apply fraction concepts. This can be a problem when they learn harder concepts, like polynomial division. (And... yes that example is fractions!)

Don’t waste time with big box tutor companies that require lengthy commitments and inflexible programs which ultimately are just more memorization of procedures with no reference to understanding the WHY of fractions. Still not sure if this class is the right fit? Shoot me an email, text, or call. I’m happy to chat about specifics for your child.

Take Advantage of the "Kids-Not-Feeling-It" Guarantee

Remember that if after working with us for 10 days, your child is just feeling like it's a good match, shoot us an email!  We'll promptly refund you.  No need to send any materials back.

A Special BONUS

If you take action today, you'll also get one-month access to my Homework Hotline ($97 Value).  Submit pesky math problems, and we'll respond with a video just for your child with the steps to solve.

We live outside of the U.S. Can we still participate?
Yes, you can!  There are a few exceptions.  Materials that we mail to students are only shipped within the continental United States.  That means that if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, the UK, or Australia you'll need to gather the materials for the class. This class is also for English speaking students only.
I'm a teacher and would like to use the materials with my class. How do I do that?
Great question!  The video only option would be best for you.  We don't provide support on how to best set this up for RTI in the classroom, but we do welcome any feedback you have about our videos. The lessons we use for our in-person and online classes are proprietary and cannot be sold for teacher use. Purchase one license and use with up to 20 students.  Need more seats?  Shoot us an email and we'll send a quote back.
Is this class appropriate for my child with dyslexia?
Absolutely!  Multisensory math is an absolute MUST when working with a child that has dyslexia.  It will be a total game changer for your child.
What grade is this class appropriate for?
We typically work with students grades 5 through 8.  This class would work well for a 5th grader in the summer before they go to middle school. For all other students 6 - 8, we recommend this class all year long.

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