Brain-Sticky Math Facts

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Experiencing Death by Flash Cards? 

You’re not alone.  All of our students have struggled to be quick with remembering their math facts.  You’ve heard the same advice over and over from teachers, friends, and even your child’s pediatrician!

“Do more flash cards,” they say.

“Do timed math games online,” they say.

But you know the truth.  Those don’t work!

Brain-Sticky Math Facts

Math Fact Myths:

Myth:  Flash cards are the best way to teach math facts.

TRUTH:  Math facts are a word retrieval practice.

The parts of your brain responsible for recalling math facts lie in the language area.  This means if your child struggles to remember names of objects, math facts will be difficult to remember too!

Myth:  Math facts should be automatic – lighting fast!

TRUTH:  Strategy and number sense matter.

Some of the greatest mathematicians of our time are slow problem solvers.  What does matter is strategy behind finding math facts!  Having a number sense and understanding patterns work matters more than being quick to recall math facts.


Brain-Sticky Math Facts (a parent/child class)

Built for those who think differently!

Our students have the gifts of dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, and autism. You are at your wits end trying to teach math facts to your child, but there’s a problem…

Your child seems to forget as fast as they learn.

Often it feels like you’re on the math edition of 50 First Dates because no matter what you do, it just doesn’t seem to stick.

Brain-Sticky Math Facts



Here’s why…

Students work with their senses to help them build concrete examples in their mind of how math facts work.  

We focus on teaching what’s called number sense.  Through fun games and explicitly taught strategies, students can learn their math facts!

Math Facts can be BRAIN-Sticky!

Your child will experienced unexpected perks like:

  • Greater confidence
  • Less resistance to math in general
  • Growth mindset (doing hard things)


Brain-Sticky Math Facts
Brain-Sticky Math Facts
Brain-Sticky Math Facts

Why would you consider joining a class like this?

Quite simple, this works! We provide:

  • List of materials needed
  • Games and strategies for learning math facts
  • Visuals that make sense
  • Get right to the content
  • Personalized support (YouTube videos don’t provide support)

Teaching this way saves everyone time! Instead of spending hours browsing the internet to teach your child math facts, you can find research-based and effective strategies right here!

 This class is currently in BETA.  

What does that mean?

We are working with parents in real-time to help us perfect our methods for teaching parents how to effectively work with their children.

If you purchase access to this BETA class now, you’ll schedule an hour long workshop with Adrianne Meldrum.  During this meeting, we’ll go through the strategies, your specific needs, and be given a printable of all the games to play with your child.

After the class is over, I’ll follow up with you and help you maintain consistency in teaching math facts to your child.

Want to be part of that?

Great!  Grab your spot in line for our class which is being filmed in March 2019.

Brain-Sticky Math Facts

About Math for Middles

MFM is a great choice for families fed up with traditional tutoring not meeting their child's needs.

It's time for a different approach.

Our coaches have training in multisensory math techniques and special training that allows us to work confidently with middle school math student's that have diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences.

We have worked with students that struggle with executive functioning, ADD, dyslexia, poor working memory problems, and autism.

Contact us to see if this is a good fit for your child.

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