Back to School with the MFM Team [018]

by | Aug 21, 2018

We’ve had an amazing summer full of student growth and learning!  The MFM Team has also grown by two more members.  Recently we got together and decided to share each of our top 3 tips for going back to school.

Kara Scanlon

  • Visualize the school year with your child. Talk about their hopes fears and excitements.
  • Let your child get the school supplies they like and are excited about.
  • Plan out how your child will introduce themselves to their teachers.

Amy Anderson

  • Have your child set a short term and a long term goal for the year. Write them down and keep them visible.
  • Space out math work on the page to keep organized.
  • Try to find a math game that your child loves that they can play throughout the year.

Ruth Bakken

  • Students, it is important to know your strengths and use them to help you improve. If you are thinking or using “can’t” then use the word “yet” at the end to make it more positive.
  • Have teachers help you and your child collect data that can help to get a 504 or IEP faster.
  • Have your child talk to their teacher and discuss what helps them learn best in the classroom. Ex: preferred seating, being read the test, small group testing, etc.

Cynthia Law

  • Students, remember it is okay to makes mistakes.
  • Be brave when you are struggling and seek out clarification for understanding.
  • Open your toolbox of the things you’ve already learned and remember to have fun.

Adrianne Meldrum

  • Avoid the “wait and see” trap. Be proactive and look for help for your child now.
  • Keep it simple. Have simple supplies to use so students aren’t overwhelmed.
  • Encourage your child to learn how be a planner.


Order Out of Chaos Academic Planners

In my effort to get ready for our upcoming school year, I sat down with my two older boys (14 and 12) to see how they liked their planners last year.  Both boys had a lot to say about the planners they chose!  We spent time sketching out what they ideally would want or choose if it was available to them.  As I watched my oldest draw, I had a glimmer of a memory of a planner that I saw on Instagram.

I quickly went on the hunt and found the planner which turns out to be Order Out of Chaos.  This is such a cool company.  The owner Leslie created and developed a planner for her son because the stuff in the store didn’t cut it.  That was over 20 years ago and the planner is still being printed for families just like mine!

I bought two for my boys and another for one of my students that I’m helping get ready for the new school year.  I’m super excited about it and will share more at a later time about how it holds up, if my boys actually like it and USE it.

You can purchase yours here (this is my affiliate link meaning I get a small commission for sharing it).


Back to School with the MFM Team [018]
Back to School with the MFM Team [018]

Up Grade Your Grades (UGYG)

Seth Perler's UGYG

Executive Function Skills for Middle and High School Students

One class that made all the difference for us last year was Seth Perler’s UGYG.  My son needed to have the systems and schedules that Seth teaches in that class.  We went from a nail biting year in 7th grade to not even being worried in 8th grade.  He wrapped up last year with a 3.6 grade average.  To say I was thrilled is an understatement!

Seth opened up his UGYG course for families to enroll.  If you have a child that’s struggled with organization, losing papers, and in general with time management — this course is a must for your family.  But it’s ALL about getting your child to buy-in.  If your child doesn’t think they need help, it’s not going to work.  The cool thing is that you can buy the class and get a refund up to 30 days afterwards if that is the case!  Seth doesn’t want you to stay if your kid isn’t going to put in the work.

Head over to his website to learn more:  Seth Perler’s UGYG (again this is an affiliate link)


Adrianne Meldrum

Adrianne Meldrum

Owner of Math for Middles

I’m the owner and creator of the math videos here at Math for Middles.  I’ve tutored students for over ten years.  When I am not creating here, you’ll find me down by the river with my family.  Interested in working with me?  Connect with me here.

Back to School with the MFM Team [018]
Back to School with the MFM Team [018]

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