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If your child is lost in the traditional classroom or floundering with regular tutoring, working with MFM is a great option.

What you need is a little math magic!

Multisensory Math is Perfect For Students that Struggle Any of the Following:

  • Overwhelmed in the Classroom
  • Poor Test Performance
  • Remembering steps for solving math problems
  • Confusion of math symbols
  • Slow completion of school work and homework

Multisensory math is good for ALL learners, but ESSENTIAL for students that struggle in the traditional classroom.

Contact us to see if your child is a good fit for multisensory tutoring.

How Online Math Coaching Works

STEP 1: Contact Us

Fill out our contact form and we’ll reply to your specific situation with available options.  Click here to start.

STEP 2: Discuss Needs

We’ll get in touch with you and talk about best options for your child.

STEP 3: Free Consult

We’ll set up a free coaching session to make sure the fit is right.

STEP 4: Math Magic

After our free consult, you’ll pay for a package of time and experience the magic of multisensory math.


“Try it!  I have been so impressed.  Online tutoring is convenient and personal.  It’s exactly what Brittany needed.” ~ Lora Harrell

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it COST? View our packages!

As a parent myself, I get annoyed when websites hide pricing on their website.  I refuse to do that with you!

Our team is trained in multisensory math techniques which are very different from what mainstream tutoring centers use.  We don't believe in doing drill n' kill math but instead work within a framework called CRA.

C:  Concrete (think of touching things with your hands/real-world math)

R:  Representational (think of drawing pictures)

A:  Abstract (think of using just numbers)

We work rapidly through these levels with students as they understand at a concrete level what we are doing.  This method is used with all levels of math, not just elementary students.

Our Packages:

Solo Coaching - $110 per hour (min. tutoring is twice a week)

We have various packages to make tutoring affordable for families.  Sign up for a free consultation and we'll send you more information about what package works best for your child.

We'll help you identify if your child is a good fit for multisensory math coaching.

Click here to schedule a free consultation.

Group Coaching - Price Varies

Our small group coaching is a very popular choice.  We focus on specific topics and do an intensive four-week class using a blended approach of videos + group coaching once a week.

View Our Current Classes Here

DIY Coaching - Price Varies

We use multisensory math techniques in the videos we create to support our students in small groups and solo coaching.  One of the big benefits of having videos at your disposal is that your child can watch them again and again until they understand.

Families also use them as a quick reference to jog their memories of how to use certain methods.

View Our Current Video Courses Here

How does multisensory math work with online tutoring?

I LOVE this question.  Often we'll choose objects that a student has readily available at home to use such as cereal or M & M's.  But we also send some students a package of items to use during class.  Most of our group classes have a box of materials and a workbook that is mailed to their home.

During the session, most students know how to adjust their camera so that the coach can see the items they are touching during the session.  The students can also see the math coaches materials through their screen.

While touch is a big part of multisensory math, it also involves language and speed of which we speak.  You'll notice that we speak at a slower rate and there often is quiet as we wait for our students to process the information they are learning.

See our multisensory approaches in action with this video:

We can't afford tutoring at this price point. What options do we have?

We recognize that this doesn't fit within all family budgets.  Our desire is to help students regardless of ability to pay.  We do have some scholarships available.

Please contact Adrianne here to discuss a plan of action.

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