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Built for those who think differently!  Our students have the gifts of dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, and autism.  You chose to homeschool your child because of these gifts, but there’s a problem…

You know your child has gaps in their math education and filling them has been challenging.

Let us take this off your very full plate.  Click the button to learn more.

Multisensory Math Tutoring


Take the Stress Out of Math Once and for All.

Multisensory math tutoring works with your child’s inherent strengths.

See for yourself.

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Online Tutoring that Engages the Senses

What is Multisensory Math?

  • Is your child overwhelmed by one page of homework?
  • Does your child forget the steps to solve problems?
  • Are test scores and grades causing anxiety about school?

Multisensory Math Coaching will help alleviate anxiety, increase confidence, and boost the recall of math skills.

Proof that Multisensory Math Works!

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Customary Units

  Does your child have a hard time grasping customary units? It can be a very frustrating concept to understand. Here's a little different way to learn customary units. It may just be the thing your child needs. We offer all online math tutoring services...

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Modeling and Solving Equations

  Got a child that struggles with multi-step math problems? See how modeling and writing the abstract can help students make connections to solving equations. We offer all online math tutoring services featuring the multisensory method which you can learn about...

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Give Multisensory Math a Whirl for Free!

Here at Math for Middles, we use multisensory techniques.  We aim to represent information by working from the concrete (think things you can touch/real world) to representational (think things you draw) to abstract (think of using just the numbers).

Struggling middle school students can feel lost in the classroom because many teachers spend their instruction time using the abstract (just numbers) without relating it to things your child understands.  When we work from concrete to abstract, we are working in harmony with how the brain is wired to learn.


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