Reboot Math:


How to Help Your Middle Schooler Finish the School Year Strong

& Leave Fear, Frustration, and Failure in the Past.


Today I’ll be sharing the REBOOT Math Plan of Attack which includes:

  • Why Common Core math problems are so weird
  • Talk about the skills worth focusing on NOW
  • Attitude and Motivation
  • What resource books to have on hand
  • And how you can work with Math for Middles

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Has math been a struggle this year?

It’s time for a REBOOT!  

During this class, we’ll cover:

✅ Why Common Core Math problems are so weird and how to tackle them faster

✅  How taking 5 minutes to do this one thing will make homework less painful

✅  How to conquer binder disasters so that your child can get more work turned in

✅  My top recommended reference books so you spend less time on the internet and more time getting work done

✅  Learn which math skills matter the most during middle school and how you can help

About Your Host

Adrianne Meldrum has been tutoring middle school math students since 2006.  Her passion is to help these students finally start feeling “math” smart!

She’s received training in multisensory math which has been a game changer for many of her students.  These methods of teaching allow students to touch objects and relate it to real-world math.


Proof that Multisensory Math is Like MAGIC:

“This must be working for him already. After his session last night I
overheard him “teaching” his brother how to do some math. And then he worked on his math homework for about 20 minutes without complaining which is unheard of!!!”


–  Mary Jo Sanborn, Parent of a 6th grader

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