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Here at Math for Middles, we offer online tutoring to serve you from the comfort of your home.  So get comfy!  Jammies welcome during our sessions.

Think it will cost an arm and a leg?  NOPE!   All you need is a computer, webcam, and ear buds.

We offer a free 30-minute trial session to all new students.



“Try it!  I have been so impressed.  Online tutoring is convenient and personal.  It’s exactly what Brittany needed.” ~ Lora Harrell

Try Online Math Tutoring FREE (and in Your PJs).

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STEP 3: Meet Online

Adrianne Meldrum is the owner and head tutor at Math for Middles.  She’s been tutoring math since 2006.  Her goal with every tutor session is to ensure students feel safe and confident in their ability to learn math.

You can learn more about Adrianne by reading her posts or signing up for a free trial of online tutoring.

Kara Scanlon Mutlisensory Math

Kara Scanlon is a trained educational therapist and specialist in multisensory math.  As the owner of Scanlon Educational Therapy, she gets results when traditional tutoring hasn’t worked.  You can get to know Kara a little by reading her posts here on Math for Middles or go ahead and contact her today.


How much does it cost us to work with one of these preferred tutors?

Good question!  It actually depends.  Each tutor sets their own rate.  Some of them are more specialized than others, for example, Kara is a trained educational therapist which means she works with children that have learning disabilities.

You can view their hourly rate by looking at appointment types.

How do we redeem our tutoring credit?

With your first purchase of any of our math courses (think tutoring on-demand), you get a free hour of tutoring with one of our tutors.

Just shoot us an email:

Please provide a screenshot of your receipt and let us know which tutor you’d like to work with.  We’ll reply with all the details of what to do next.

We need help with homework right now, what do we do?

All parents are invited to join our Facebook group where all of these tutors are located.  We strive to help you by answering questions as quickly as we can.  Many of us are spread throughout the globe and available at different times of the day.

To get help inside of the Facebook group, snap a picture of your child’s homework problem and add some more information.  From there, we’ll do our best to answer your question within a few hours.

Join the group here:

We can't afford tutoring at this price point. What options do we have?

We recognize that this doesn’t fit within all family budgets.  That’s why we’ve started creating math courses to meet the needs of more students.  We are always working on new projects and adding to our library.

You can purchase access to our courses to get a sense of how we teach or use them to focus in on a topic.

View all available topics here:

Disclaimer:  The tutors recommended on this page are not employees or contracted tutors with Math for Middles or The Tutor House, LLC.  Any contract made between tutor and parent/student do not include any guarantee of services from Math for Middles or The Tutor House, LLC.  Basically, Adrianne is recommending her tutors friends to you.  If there is an issue with a tutor listed here, please contact the tutor and not Math for Middles.

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