Watch Your Teen Become Math Motivated. 

Small Group Tutoring Online by isn’t some mystical butterfly that gently kisses your teen one day on the nose.  We all know the power struggle over homework is real.

Instead of dangling a prize in front of your child, you might just need to be one step removed from the problem.

Time for a different approach!  A Little Math Magic with one of our Tutors.

Parents tell us it’s magical to watch their teen tap into personal motivation after working with us.

We use a blended approach of real-time math coaching in a small group setting online with our DIY courses.  But it’s not all videos, all the time.  

Nope!  We send math manipulatives to your house for our classes.  


Our Math Classes Help Students with These Frustrating Experiences:

  Math Anxiety

  Repeated Failure

  Poor Memory

  Unsuccessful Experience with Tutoring


  Struggle with Attention

  Word Problem Comprehension

  Diminishing Confidence

  Learning Issues:  ADD, Dyslexia, or EF


GROUP Math Online Classes

GROUP:  Fractions 101

  Modeling with Fractions

  Equivalent Fractions

  Adding/Subtracting Fractions (Like Denominators)

  Adding/Subtracting Fractions (Unline Denominators)

  Converting Improper Fractions

  Multiplying/Dividing Fractions

  Comparing Fractions

  Placing Fractions on the Number Line

 Solving Fraction Problems with Models, Numbers, and Word Stories


This GROUP math class was built to support students in mastering fractions to assist them in higher levels of math.  We’ll meet once a week for 4 weeks.  Students will work on a blended approach of math videos (on their own) and with a math tutor where they’ll work on fractions using a variety of manipulatives.

Join our next available class by picking on a time that works for you.

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Our site is a joint effort between Adrianne Meldrum (owner), Kara Scanlon (Director of Curriculum), and Sylvia Adjeso (Director of Tutors).  

All of us have training in multisensory math techniques and special training that allows us to work confidently with middle school math student's that have diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences.  We have worked with students that struggle with executive functioning, ADD, dyslexia, poor working memory problems, and autism.


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