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6th-Grade Mid-Year Math Booster

Sixth-grade students will have a blast in this hands-on math class all taught online with Adrianne Meldrum, the owner and head math coach of Math for Middles.

This booster class of 4 weekly sessions is all about FRACTIONS which is perfect for your 6th graders as they’re currently working on ratios at school this year.


  • I’ll meet with your child and 4 others in a small group once a week, for 4 weeks.
  • Each week, your child will watch 5- 10 short and highly engaging videos about fractions on their own time, totaling approximately 1-hour per week.
  • We will discuss, explore, and practice these concepts when we meet together in our weekly small group.  
  • We work all online, but materials will be mailed to your house which includes a workbook and math manipulatives for our lessons. 
  • And in case you were wondering….students love working online! 

Listen to What Our Students Say About This Class

HOW this class helps NOW and in the FUTURE:

In elementary school, your child was working on building their number sense.  There is quite a bit of overlap on topics each year but once they reach middle school, new information is coming in at a much more rapid rate.

When your child doesn’t have a solid foundation in place, you’ll notice that their confidence goes down as they realize they’re not as good as math as they thought.  It can be easy to “hide” in the early years, but in the middle school classroom, it’s easy to see where the gaps in knowledge are.

Spending time shoring up the foundation with a deeper understanding of fractions helps students not only to succeed now but at all levels of math as they advance in school.

Right now we can apply it to ratios and proportions. Then as they move grades they’ll encounter fractions in disguise…

Remember polynomial division from algebra?  

Those are all fractions.  When you understand how they work at a basic level, you’ll be able to tackle polynomial division with fewer battles.

My goal is to get your child to ask themselves whenever they encounter a fraction or decimal, “What do I know about fractions?” and be able to recall the 3 fraction rules I teach.


Math Booster Class #1

  • Thursdays, 4 PM  EST    February 1 – March 1   ($197)

Math Booster Class #2

  • Saturdays 11 AM  EST     February 17 – March 10   ($197)

WHERE:   All online!  Materials mailed to you.

WHO:   6th graders struggling with math in semester 1

HOW MUCH:   $197

GUARANTEE:   If you are not satisfied with the class, I’ll give your money back within 10 days of class starting.  Just shoot us an email.


Workbook Sample

Even though we meet online, students use their senses as they manipulate math goodies like these foam stickers.  In this featured lesson, we are working on making equivalent pieces.

Multisensory Math

These chunky math shapes are not just for younguns, we use them too!  We explore relationships between the shapes and express abstract fractions in concrete ways.

Interactive Lessons

Online learning doesn’t have to feel like working with software!  Students are engaged, using their hands to explore math through a variety of lessons while also having access to our fraction videos inside of Fractions 101

Our Math Classes Help Students with These Frustrating Experiences:

  Math Anxiety

  Repeated Failure

  Poor Memory

  Unsuccessful Experience with Tutoring

  Struggle with Attention

  Word Problem Comprehension

  Diminishing Confidence

  Learning Issues:  ADD, Dyslexia, or EF

Upcoming Group Math Online Classes

Brain Sticky Math Facts

Try our focused class on math facts!  In this class, we’ll be using multisensory techniques to make connections in the brain and also working on rapid recall of facts.  We teach multiplication facts in conjunction with division/fractions.  Student’s love working in a small group and gain the skills to FINALLY make those facts stick.

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Curious if multisensory math is the right fit for your child? Let's chat.

About Math for Middles

MFM is a great choice for families fed up with traditional tutoring not meeting their child's needs.

It's time for a different approach.

Our coaches have training in multisensory math techniques and special training that allows us to work confidently with middle school math student's that have diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences.

We have worked with students that struggle with executive functioning, ADD, dyslexia, poor working memory problems, and autism.

Contact us to see if this is a good fit for your child.

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