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You’ve got a long daily to-do list as a parent. Prioritizing time to figure out why your child struggles with math continues to get bumped from the list.

Looks like math has become your top priority today! Gold star for you. Maybe you need some math magic!

Math for Middles makes learning math feel like magic because we make it easy to find time in your schedule for lessons through our unique online learning process.

Our students work in a blended environment of self-guided video tutorials and real-time online sessions with a math coach. No more perusing YouTube or Khan Academy for videos that go too fast or don’t cover the concept you need help with!

Parents can choose from our self-paced programs, focus on a blended style of videos and math coaching, or receive highly individualized tutoring.


Math with Us is Magical with these Tutoring Options:

Math for Middles
DIY math courses

DIY Courses

Our videos are short and to the point.   Good for the student and brain!  We work from the concrete (think hands-on) to the representational (think pictures) to the abstract (think just numbers).  


Small group tutoring

Group Tutoring

Need a little more support than just videos can give?  Check out our small group tutoring classes.  We use a blend of videos and time with a tutor in a small group setting online.  


Small group tutoring

Solo Tutoring

Looking for individual help for your child?  We provide highly individualized online tutoring for students in 5th grade through 10th grade.  



Why would you choose to pay for access

to math videos over browsing YouTube?

It boils down to what works. Our founders, Adrianne Meldrum, Kara Scanlon, and Sylvia Adjeso are trained specialists in multisensory math. They understand that not all math curriculum is created equal.

The programs made here focus on students that struggle with any or all of the following:

  • Dyslexia
  • Executive functioning issues
  • ADD
  • Working memory
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Poor performance in the traditional classroom

Our programs are different on purpose. We use a slower pace with appropriate language that helps all learners grasp the concepts on a concrete level. At the end of our program, students will understand why abstract procedures and algorithms work! Not just how to perform them.


Meet Our Founders

I’m the owner and creator of the math videos here at Math for Middles.  I’ve tutored students for over ten years.  When I am not creating here, you’ll find me down by the river with my family.  You can read more about me here and how I once was a middle schooler too.

Kara Scanlon

Kara Scanlon

Preferred Online Math Tutor

Kara Scanlon is a trained educational therapist and specialist in multisensory math.  As the owner of Scanlon Educational Therapy, she gets results when traditional tutoring hasn’t worked.  You can get to know Kara a little by reading her posts here on Math for Middles and schedule a time to tutor with Kara here.

Sylvia Adjeso

Sylvia Adjeso

Preferred Online Math Tutor

Sylvia Adjeso is a warm and friendly math tutor and the owner of Spark Thinking Tutoring.  Her passion shines through as she works with students online.  You can get to know Sylvia a little by reading her posts here on Math for Middles or contact her for tutoring.

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About Math for Middles

Our site is a joint effort between Adrianne Meldrum (owner), Kara Scanlon (Director of Curriculum), and Sylvia Adjeso (Director of Tutors).  

All of us have training in multisensory math techniques and special training that allows us to work confidently with middle school math student's that have diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences.  We have worked with students that struggle with executive functioning, ADD, dyslexia, poor working memory problems, and autism.


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